Hardback Photo Prints:  Your photos look wonderful in our satin style hardback prints.  Our Hardback Photo Mount prints and an alternative to custom framing as we print your image on the highest quality luster photo paper, mount to MDF for support, bevel the edge and paint with matte black and then create a hanging system for ease of installation.  The Hardback Photo Mount Prints are a one of a kind alternative to custom framing. 

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Hardback Photo Mount Prints

● Our HardBack Photo Mount option has a simple and clean look making it a great option for almost any application. The HardBack Photo Mount can be made in a variety of custom sizes.
● The HardBack Photo Mount features a keyhole hanging system. 
● Each piece comes with drywall screws for hanging and felt pads to protect your wall. 
● The HardBack Photo Mount is a 3/8" thick photo mount that starts as a paper print and is then mounted on to MDF board and then coated with a UV resistant laminate. 
● Each HardBack Photo Mount is machined to have a 1/8" beveled edge with matte black.  

Ready to pick up in 10-15 business days.  All our Hardback Photo Float prints arrive with beveled and straigh cut corners ready to hang for you to enjoy!  Frame.Pics does not ship.  All orders can be picked up at High Desert Frameworks in Bend Oregon. If you require shipping or delivery services please contact us at 541-647-2191 prior to placing your order! Thank you!

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